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Founders of Neurology
This site has short biographies and pictures of dozens of the leaders and pioneers in the history of the basic and clinical neurosciences.

The Evolution of Organized Neurosurgery in the United States
This site of the American Association of Neurologic Surgeons, has interesting historical information, including a lenghty review of the Harvey Cushing Society and its rôle, as well as a catalog of audiotaped interviews with leaders in the field.

The History of Stereotactical Radiosurgery
A short paper written by Stephen B. Tatter, MD, PhD, Massachussetts General Hospital, Dept. Neurosurgery.

The History of Lobotomy
An excelent site, authored by Corey Vest (Carleton University), is the most complete information about this topic in the Internet, with dozens of photos, drawings, book reviews, lists of Internet resources, etc. Highly recommended.

The History of Brain Surgery
A short but interesting illustrated article, written by John R. Mangiardi, MD and Howard Kane

Europäische Trepanationen im Altertum. Eine medizinhistorische Abhandlung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Kelten

Published by Peter Birner, in German, in: Brennos - Studia Celtica Austriaca 1/1996. [European Trepanning in Antiquity. A Medico-Historical Essay with Special Consideration for the Celts]. A very torough and learned essay on archeological and modern evidence.

From: The History of Psychosurgery
Author: Renato M.E. Sabbatini, PhD
Source: Brain & Mind Magazine, June 1997

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