Public Domain Software
for the Neurosciences

Teleneurosciences Center
The Edumed Institute, Brasil

Game of Concentration
For improving your memory
Download [MS-DOS. File, 232 Kb]

For building a stack a flash-cards to help with learning by rote
Download [MS-DOS, File, 381 Kb]

Neuroanatomy Aventure Game
Download [MS-DOS, File 80 Kb)

DSM Psychiatric Diagnostic Tree
Download [MS-DOS, File, 96 Kb]

Myers & Brigg Personality Type Inventory
Download [MS-DOS, File, 21 Kb]

New Oxford Psychological Capacity Test
Download [MS-DOS, File, 126 Kb]

Simulation of Hodgkin-Huxley Neuron
Download [MS-DOS, File 31 Kb]

Alternative Pain Management Tutorial
Download [MS-DOS, File, 179 Kb]

WinHelp Personality Type Summary
Download [Windows 3.1, File 82 Kb]

Quick References to Psychotropic Drugs
Download [MS-DOS, File 125 Kb]

Stress Diagnosis and Management System
Download [MS-DOS, File 116 Kb]

Copyright Silvia Helena Cardoso (c) 1997 The Edumed Institute, Brazil