Sleep Deprivation

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I'm looking for information to convince my students to sleep. They need scientific proof that sleep will help them in their studies. Many of my high school students only get 4 hours of irregular sleep a day because they stay up at night to study. Could you help me? I am teaching in the rural mountainside of Korea where we don't >have access to library and books -- just the Internet.

Victoria Lee


"Dear Lee,
I have a very interesting review about sleep and noise in my home page,
chapter 2, article 23. Unfortunately it is in portuguese, but I´ll try
so summarize:
-There is about 47% of sleep that really are  to noble recuperate mind
and body. Especially 29% concerns to dreaming, that in mean sleep
duration of healthy people, takes about 150 minutes, and recuperate
mostly mind, humor and psychollogically. About 18% is of non dreaming
sleep, that recuperates physically, in which at least half is fortly
needed, about 50 minutes. Then, the minimum necessary to good sleep is
about 200 minutes, that means about 3 hours and 20 minutes.
Therefore, some people, we dont know why, reaches to have only deepies
sleep. But most of us need to sleep about 7 and a half hour, in good
ambiental conditions, to have those noble sleep.
About Leonardo da Vinci, I heard that history of one of the comments,
but was experimented only about 2 month long, because he becames very
In chapter 2, you will find articles 11 and 18 that treates about sleep
and are written in english.
Hoping your could get some useful information,
Sincerely yours,
Prof. Pimentel

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